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¡Maderas, me siento muy bien allí abajo! - Lolly Dames

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Tony isn't feeling well, so he goes to his bigtit stepmom Lolly Dames and asks to stay home from school for the day. Distracted by her phone call, Lolly gives Tony the go-ahead even though she doesn't believe that he's sick. Later, Lolly comes to check on how Tony is doing. She agrees that he's actually feeling a bit clammy, so she goes to get him something to take to help relieve the fever. Later, when Lolly returns again, Tony tells his stepmom that now he's feeling a bit hot down low. Lolly finds that her stepson has a raging boner. When she double checks the pills, Lolly realizes that she gave Tony his dad's boner pills. Since she made the mistake, Lolly offers to help Tony relieve the pressure.To say that Tony is surprised by his stepmom's offer is an understatement, but he's feeling really uncomfortable so he takes her up on it. As soon as he gets naked, Lolly makes good on her promise and wraps those incredible puffy lips around the head of his dick. Tony has of course daydreamed about his busty new mommy, but the reality of her blowjob is beyond his wildest imagination. When Lolly can't make Tony cum by sucking him off, she gets on her back and lets Tony dive deep into her pierced, trimmed twat.Eager to take everything his hot mama has to offer, Tony gets Lolly on her hands and knees so he can spank that big ass as he fucks her in doggy. Even when Tony gets on his back with Lolly riding his cock, she keeps it up in reverse cowgirl so she can continue her booty bouncing delight. Even with her full figured body riding her stepson's hardon, Lolly still doesn't get him to cum while he's inside her. That's okay; this cum loving milf is definitely happy to resume sucking Tony off until he pops in her mouth to deliver a hot and sticky treat for Lolly to lap up.
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